Electric Control

Electrically mediated droplet formation

Electric energy can be used to manipulate droplets at the microscale. I have previously demonstrated using an AC electric field to control both the size and shape of the droplets.



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The Microfluidic Jukebox

Precise control of droplets sizes to generate music. The microfluidic jukebox allows for the first time, an acoustic interpretation of micro-droplets in microfluidic devices.



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  2. Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor’s award 2015.

Electrically mediated droplet deformation

Electrically induced droplet deformation in microfluidic devices has attracted enormous attention due to the prospects in many different applications. For example, in biochemistry and medicine, electrokinetic assays and miniaturized total analysis systems use an electric field for chemical sensing and biological analysis. Here, I demonstrate the use of electric field to deform and oscillate droplets. This technique has the potential for various Lab on a chip applications.



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